Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I purchase Assetsville Products?
Currently all our products are available in .uasset and .uproject format on UE4 Marketplace.

Some products are available also on CGTrader and additionally they include source files: .FBX and .TGA.

Check the description on each product subpage to see the store and format information.

We do not sell directly through our website yet.

2What are the terms of use (licence)? Can I modify Assetsville Products? Can I use it commercially??
Generally the modification and commercial use is acceptable, however the detailed information on the applicable licence can be found on the relevant store page.

UE4 Marketplace: CGTrader:
3Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with the purchase?
Yes, please check the UE4 Marketplace Refund Policy for details.
4Can I test the pack before I buy?
Due to the digital nature of the product we sell it is not possible to test the whole pack before the purchase. However, we have prepared a free truck model available to download for the subscribers of our newsletter at
5Does the pack work with UE4 Third Person Template (characters, proportions)?
Yes! The characters are adjusted to work with UE4 Thrid Person Mannequin, here is a short CLIP explaining how to set them up. Also the scale and proportions of buildings, props and vehicles are designed to work well with the Template, check this VIDEO to see how it looks like.
6Will the content be updated to the new UE4 versions?
Yes, we update the content with every new version of the Unreal Engine.
7Do you use a single textures for each object or multiple color materials?
We use textures mostly for the walls and floors, so you can easily switch between wallpapers and floor materials when creating a new building using the tileset. We use color materials for the vehicles body paint, so you can paint the car with any color you want. As for all other props and characters we use one color palette texture, to make sure there are as few draw calls as possible. This solution allows you also to merge a lot of different actors in scene into one mesh with only one material. This makes a huge difference when it comes to performance.
8Are animations included in the pack?
No, there are only animation poses included, however you can use all character animations available on UE4 Marketplace that work with Unreal Skeleton. We did a short tutorial how to set up our characters to work with the official Unreal skeleton - check it out HERE
9Are the vehicles rigged according to UE Vehicle Art Setup (skeletal mesh rigged with bones etc.)?
Yes the vehicles are skeletal meshes with a bone hierarchy that you can use with the UE4 vehicle template. If you're interested, you can test our free truck model by subscribing to our newsletter at It is created the same way as the 18 vehicles in the package, so you will have a pretty solid idea what to expect inside.
10Do you use textures or pure geometry for Trees and Grass objects?
For Trees and Grass we use textures with alpha channel. Trees and Grass materials have also animated vertex shader to get the sway in the wind effect.
11Are the interiors of vehicles modeled? Are the windows transparent?
All the cars in the pack have simple interiors modeled. The windows mesh is a separate material slot, so it depends if you use an opaque or transparent material for it. All the vehicles in the pack work the same way, so they all will work with FPP perspective TPP, ISO or any other as well.
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